Getting to know our finalists

From a pool of sixty proposals, eleven candidates emerged as top competitors in The Great Canadian ESG Championship.  Learn more about who made the cut below:   

Category 1:

Equity and/or Fixed income



“While we are very proud of the rigorous ESG methodologies that we have developed over the past 10 years, the next decade will bring more innovation to meet the growing needs of clients. The key to success lies in collaboration among ecosystem stakeholders, including our co-investors in the Great Canadian ESG Championship, with whom we will continue to play a leadership role.”

AlphaFixe team


International: Montreal/Toronto offices

“The ESG Championship plays an important part in highlighting ESG as a fully integrated part of the asset management firms of today and of the future. Lazard Asset Management’s approach to ESG, which spans several decades, is investment-led, built on granular, in depth knowledge of companies, combined with insight into how their activities intersect with society and the environment. All of our company engagements are fully integrated into all investment professionals’ processes, rather than delegated to stewardship specialists that conduct separate meetings, and our proprietary sustainability research is forward-looking, which differentiates us from firms that rely on external ratings and research providers.”

Nikita Singhal
Managing Director & Co-head of Sustainable Investing and ESG

Mackenzie Investments


“We believe we can have a positive impact through investing, and play a pivotal role in transformative initiatives leading to enhanced stewardship, equity, and accountability. Our capacity to effect this positive change will grow proportionally with our assets, and for this reason we are participating in the Great Canadian ESG Championship. Beyond the benefit of more AUM and influence, success in your process will provide us with an important external endorsement, and thereby enable us to raise more assets and drive more positive change. Our Mackenzie Fixed Income team brings an emerging best-in-class capability, rooted in a robust and proprietary ESG integration framework. This unique made-in-Canada sustainable fixed income strategy has a proven track record of delivering top ranked returns, with equally strong risk characteristics.”

Michael Dawson
Senior Analyst, Institutional Services


International: Toronto

“ ‘Corporate karma’, is the way we refer to the symbiotic relationship between a company and its stakeholders, and it shows that investing in sustainability can deliver higher growth and returns through innovation, higher operational efficiency and better risk management. We are delighted to participate in such a forward-looking tender process, that recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in our industry and society at large.” 

Katherine Davidson
Portfolio Manager and Sustainability Specialist

Category 2:


Pender Fund Capital

Vancouver/ Toronto

“The PenderFund team is very pleased and honoured to be a part of the inaugural Great Canadian ESG Championships. We believe that initiatives like the Championship help to advance the collective knowledge and adoption of ESG principles. Our Pender Ventures team is working hard to set a high standard in the industry by supporting companies that can make a positive impact in our world and also uphold high governance standards that promote inclusiveness.”

Carlo Desierto
President of PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.

Portland Private Equity

International: Barbados

“We believe that ESG should be an integral part of any investment, and the Great Canadian ESG Championship underlines the strong commitment of Canadian investors towards sustainability. At Portland, we have a strong impact agenda focused on gender, climate action and quality jobs, and implement a systematic and proven ESG Management System throughout the investment cycle. Our funds have shown that superior financial returns combine with strong ESG impacts, and we are keen to show how we do this at the Great Canadian ESG Championship.”

Douglas Hewson
Managing Partner at Portland Private Equity

UBS Asset Management

International: Toronto and Montreal

“UBS AM Canada is delighted to participate in the ESG Championship. UBS was one of the first to offer sustainable strategies – launching our first equities SRI fund in 1997 – and we strive to remain at the vanguard by continually innovating with new ESG strategies across asset classes. The Global Responsible Infrastructure Fund (GRIF) was specifically designed for Canadian institutions wishing to invest in infrastructure with a strong ESG focus.”

Dan Primeau
Head of Client Coverage, Canada

Category 3:


Fiera Capital

International: Montreal

“ESG investing is embedded into who we are at Fiera Capital and as an efficient capital allocator, we aim to foster sustainable prosperity for all of our stakeholders. Our teams of passionate investment professionals rigorously integrate responsible investing into their processes as we seek to optimize, not just for financial returns, but also for the long-term ESG impact of our decisions. We are thrilled to be part of this initiative shining a light on the responsible investment space and very proud that the Fiera Capital Global Impact Strategy has been selected as a finalist for The Great Canadian ESG Championship.”

Vincent Beaulieu
Head of Sustainable Investments at Fiera Capital

Jarislowsky Fraser

Montreal/Toronto/ Calgary/Vancouver

“Jarislowsky Fraser is very pleased to take part in the Great Canadian ESG Championship, which we believe will showcase innovative sustainable finance capabilities in Canada. Our firm’s longstanding commitment to being responsible stewards of our clients’ assets is at the core of our approach that embeds ESG analysis and engagement into our investment process and decisions. We hope to demonstrate solutions that reflect rigor, discipline, expertise and transparency, along with the benefit of engagement, impact and direct exposure to innovation through our Climate and Diversity & Inclusion proprietary frameworks.”

Maxime Ménard
President and CEO, Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited

Rally Assets


“We’re coming to the Great Canadian ESG Championship to demonstrate how our impact investing approach that goes beyond ESG, delivers both a measurable positive impact on the world, and investment returns. We’re bringing our decade of impact investing leadership, practical know-how and proven portfolio management to this championship. Our innovative products challenge the ESG paradigm to go beyond risk minimization, seeking true systems change. The ultimate winner of this Championship will be our wider society, through more capital focused on better social and environmental outcomes.” 

Kelly Gauthier
President, Rally Assetsl

RBC Global Asset Management

International: Toronto

“RBC GAM has been training to be fitter and stronger in the decades ahead. Responsible investing is a marathon that requires 3 pillars of training – ESG integration, active stewardship and innovative investable solutions. It is incumbent upon us, being a large and influential player, to have impact on markets and the companies that we engage with to benefit not only our clients, but all investors. The ESG Championship is a formidable stage on which to compete alongside the top athletes in Responsible Investing!”

Julie Ducharme
Vice President and Institutional Portfolio Manager

Congratulations to our honourable mentions & audience choice!


Honourable mention: customizable responsible investment approach aligned with the investor’s values and objectives

Clear Skies

Honourable mention: ESG investment themes that take into consideration systemic ESG issues and 5 themes mapped to the UN SDGs

Forum Equity Partners

Honourable mention:  Very advanced Impact Outcomes Report aligned with the Impact Management Project (IMP) and the Sustainable Development Goals with clear targets, actions, and results

Genus Fossil Free High Impact Equity Fund

Honourable mention: requires that at least 50% of revenue be derived from one of the UN SDGs


Honourable mention: level of ESG integration and ESG activities is remarkable relative to the size of the firm; ESG is well-embedded in the process

Nordis Capital

Honourable mention: the only strategy proposed that has a long/short strategy aligned with ESG systemic risks and megatrends

Rally Assets

Audience choice


In-kind sponsor